Presumpscot River Presentation

We are excited to share that Saccarappa's fourth grade is participating in a Local Stories Project this fall.   The Local Stories Project is an innovative arts project that combines local history research and community collaborations to develop a theatre performance and permanent in-school mural.  Many public elementary schools throughout Maine have engaged in this work, and Saccarappa is honored to join in this opportunity.

Saccarappa's students will explore the history of the Presumpscot, understanding the transition of caring and belonging to the river to using and extracting from the river and how that has altered the wellness of the river and community.  At the end of this project, students will use what they know about history to share how the river can be restored moving forward.

Many visitors and field trips are planned as part of the research for the final project.  Last week, the Osher Library brought a map display to Saccarappa so the students could engage in hands-on local history activities.  We also look forward to a presentation about the Skutik River and Passamaquoddy culture scheduled with Dwayne Tomah later this week.  

As the fourth-grade students continue this work and plan for their final project, more information will be shared.

'Thank you' to the generous funding support from UNUM (Social Justice Grant) and the Warren Memorial Foundation for making this experience possible.