About our school:

Welcome to Congin School, home of the Congin Cougars! We are a diverse Pre-K-4 school community of approximately 300 students and 55 amazing staff members. Our Pillars of Character at Congin ask that our Cougars be Safe, Respectful, Responsible and Kind. At Congin, we know that we should always try to "be a rainbow in someone else's cloud"! (Maya Angelou) We are also proud to be a BARR school, which means we are a strengths-based school that ensures student success through a comprehensive approach to meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students through the power of data and relationships. BARR stands for Building Assets, Reducing Risks, meaning we look at what our students are already great at and celebrate that, while also looking into any areas of concern so we can be sure our students are as successful and happy as possible at Congin in all areas! BARR is a whole staff (and we mean everyone!) team effort to wrap around our students and truly know them, guide them, support them and prepare them for their future academic, social and emotional growth as they move on to middle school, high school and on to their post-secondary lives. To learn more about BARR and the proven success this model has shown, please follow this link:

Thank you for visiting our page! If you have any questions, please call Congin at (207)-854-0844.