Presentation at WRVC

Every month, the General Advisory Committee for Westbrook Regional Vocational Center (WRVC) meets to review and discuss programming at our Center. Members of the advisory include school counselors, principals, superintendents, and school committee members from the regional schools whose students attend WRVC. Director Todd Fields facilitates the meeting. 

The Committee met today and heard three spectacular presentations from WRVC staff about initiatives and programs. Business teacher Brenda Dolloff explained a proposed revision to the student application process which will better support students in choosing programs. Early Childhood Occupations teacher Darlene Bruns explained how students in the program earn licensure as well as college credits through the community college system and University of Maine Farmington, leading to a variety of careers in education. Medical Occupations teacher Kristins Lewis, Westbrook instructional coaches Mary Bellavance and Brianna Morrill, and English teacher Amanda Jones and math teacher Jeff Alexander from Bonny Eagle High School, explained how they are working to support students in earning general high school credits while enrolled in programs at WRVC.  Credits are embedded in their vocational courses, including critical reading, research, essay writing, math calculations, problem solving, and other practical applications. 

What great information! It really shows the innovative work happening at Westbrook Regional Vocational Center!