Westbrook School Department Policies

The Westbrook School Committee considers policy development one of its chief functions.  It is the intent of the School Committee to develop written policies to serve as the framework for the successful and efficient functioning of the school department and to serve as sources of information and guidance and direction for people who are interested in or connected with Westbrook schools.

Changes in needs, conditions, purposes and objectives will require revisions, deletions and

additions to the policies which are the task of the Policy Committee.  The School Committee

welcomes suggestions and input for ongoing policy development and encourage those

individuals to attend Policy Committee meetings. 

Policy Coding
Policy Codes denoted with * are required by Maine and federal laws for public schools.

Policy Action indicates the last action taken on a policy
Adopted   - Original School Committee approval
Amended - Changes made to a policy by School Committee vote
Reviewed - Reviewed by Policy Committee - no changes
School Policy Sections

A Policies - Foundations and Basic Commitments

B Policies - School Board Governance & Operations

C Policies - General School Administration

D Policies - Fiscal Management

E Policies - Support Services

F Policies - Facilities Development

G Policies - Personnel

H Policies - Negotiations

I Policies - Instruction

J Policies - Students

K Policies - School - Community - Home Relations

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