Canal School Bus - Group A

Canal Start Time: 8:25 AM    Canal End Time: 3:00 PM

Copy of GROUP A - CANAL - BUS # 4 - MARK
Copy of GROUP A - CANAL - BUS # 6 - RACH
Copy of GROUP A - CANAL - BUS # 36 - DEN

Pick-up and drop-off times are approximate for the first couple of weeks.   School hours have changed a little due to COVID 19 bus schedules so please check your child's school website for accurate start times and end times.  Your child may be picked up or dropped off sooner/later than last year.


We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please be sure that your child is wearing a mask when boarding and riding the bus.  There is a hand sanitizer dispenser located to the left as students enter the bus.  Please be sure to remind your students to stop and use the sanitizer before continuing up the stairs to their seat.