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Conference Requests

Westbrook employees who are interested in attending a conference / workshop for professional development in their field should discuss the opportunity with their immediate supervisor and complete a Conference Request Form.

If approved, employee's principal or director will review the form and costs associated with the request.  Before signing, the principal or director will assign an account number or purchase order for all costs including any to be reimbursed to the employee.  The conference form is then forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent who will review the conference / workshop for appropriateness and content as it relates to the employee and their responsibilities.

The Superintendent of Schools will do the final review and, if approved, the approved request will be returned to the employee and the employee's principal or director.

Each principal or director will decide who is responsible for registering the employee and creating the purchase order for payment.  It is the responsibility of the employee to obtain a substitute, if needed, on the day(s) of their absence.

Within two (2) weeks from the conference / workshop date, the employee must submit a Conference Evaluation / Reimbursement Form even if the employee is not requesting any reimbursement.  This form should go to the Assistant Superintendent to review the value and content of the conference / workshop and what the employee gained from attending.

The Superintendent of Schools shall be the final reviewer of the evaluation form to review the success of the conference / workshop and to authorize any reimbursement to the employee.