Meet the Committee

The Westbrook School Committee will meet on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 7:00 PM in room 114 at Westbrook High School (125 Stroudwater Street).

Jim Violette
School Committee Chair / Ward 5

7 Crestwood Drive

Finance Committee
Personnel Committee Chair
Superintendent Negotiations Chair

Suzanne Joyce
School Committee Vice-Chair / At-Large

231 Hardy Road 
(207) 856-7201

Negotiations Committee
Personnel Committee
Policy Committee Chair
Superintendent Negotiations
  Veronica Bates / Ward 2

450 Saco Street
(207) 358-0149

Finance Committee Chair
Performing Arts Committee
Performance Review Committee

Steve Berry / Ward 1

16 Fairfield Avenue

Educational Programs Committee
Policy Committee
Technology Committee
Noreen Poitras / Ward 3

30 West Pleasant Street
(207) 856-1974

Ed Programs Committee Chair
Finance Committee 
Negotiations Committee 
Performance Review Committee
Performing Arts Committee chair
WRVC / P.A.T.H.S. Chair
Mike Popovic /Ward 4
45 Webster Street
(207) 200-4644

Educational Programs Committee 
Performance Evaluation Committee 
Technology Committee Chair
 / At-Large 

School Committee Student Representatives

Julia Symbol  

Madison Damon