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J Policies - Students

JCAAssignment of Students to School Outside Attendance Area
JCA - EAssignment of Students to a School Request Form
JEACompulsory Attendance Ages
JFAAAdmission of Resident Students
JFAB Admission of Nonresident Students
JFABAAdmission of Waiver Students
JFABA - EStudent Waiver Form
JFABA - RAdmission of Waiver Students - Administrative Procedure
JFABDAdmission of Homeless Students
JFCDropout Prevention
JGAssignment of Student to Classes 
JGABAssignment of student to Classes:  Transfer Students and Home Schooling Students
JICCode of Conduct
JICEStudent Publications and Distribution of Literature
JICHDrug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICH - RDrug and Alcohol Use by Students - Administrative Procedure
JICIAWeapons, Violence and School Safety
JICJStudent Use of Electronic Devices 
JICJ - RStudent Use of Electronic Devices - Administrative Procedure
JICKBullying (Also Maine's Best Practices in Bullying & Harassment Prevention)
JIHQuestioning and Searches of Students
JIH - E1Canine Patrol Documentation
JIH - E2Student Parking Agreement
JIH - E3Student Search Checklist
JIH - RQuestioning and Searches of Students - Administrative Procedure
JJExtra-Curricular Code of Conduct Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JJ - RExtra-Curricular Code of Conduct Drug and Alcohol Use by Students Admin Proc.
JJBStudent Social Events
JJFSchool Activities Funds Management
JJF - RSchool Activities Funds Administrative Procedure
JJIWestbrook Philosophy of Athletics
JJIBAHiring and Evaluation of Coaches 
JJIBA - RHiring and Evaluation of Coaches - Administrative Procedure 
JJIBCRelations with Booster Groups
JJIBC - E1Fund Raiser Request Form (Recoded from DF-E1)
JJIBC - E2Fund Raising and Gift Approval Form (Recoded from DF-E2)
JJIBC - RFundraising / Booster Group Responsibilities - Admin Procedure(Recoded from DF-R)
JJIFManagement of Concussions and Other Head Injuries
JKStudent Discipline
JK - RStudent Discipline - Administrative Procedure
JKAAUse of Physical Restraint and Seclusion
JKAA-RUse of Physical Restraint and Seclusion - Administrative Procedure
JKDSuspension of Students
JKEExpulsion of Students 
JKE - RExpulsion of Students Administrative Procedure
JKE - R1Readmission Guidelines
JKFSuspension / Expulsion of Special Education
JKF - RDisciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities - Admin Procedure
JLStudent Wellness Policy
JL - RStudent Wellness Policy - Administrative Procedure
JLAStudent Insurance
JLA - EAthletic / Activities Participation Form (Recoded from IJOA-E)
JLCAPhysical Examinations of Students
JLCBImmunization of Students
JLCCCommunicable / Infectious Diseases
JLCDAdministering Medication to Students
JLCD - EAuthorization to Administer Medication       

Authorization to Administer Medication (Medical Marijuana)
JLCD - RMedication Administration on School Field Trips
JLCDAStudents with Severe Food Allergies
JLCDA - ELetter to parents of students with Severe Food Allergies
JLCDA - E2Severe Food Allergy Emergency Plan
JLCEFirst Aid and Emergency Medical Care
JLCE - RFirst Aid - Administrative Procedure
JLDBGReintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities
JLFReporting Child Abuse and Neglect
JLF - EReporting Child Abuse and Neglect Form
JLIEStudent Automobile Use and Parking
JMStudent Honors and Awards
JM - RStudent Honors and Awards
JOEmployment of Students
JRAStudent Educational Records
JRA - ENotification of Rights under FERPA
JRA - E2Denial of Consent to Release Student Information - Grades 9 - 12
JRA - E3Consent / Denial to Release Student Information
JRA - RStudent Educational Records - Administrative Procedure