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I Policies - Instruction

IA Instructional Goals and Objectives
ID School Day
IE Responsibility for Instructional Program
IGA Curriculum Development and Adoption
IGA - E Requesting a Major Curriculum Change
IGA - R Curriculum Changes - Administrative Procedure
IHA Basic Instructional Program
IHAI Live Work Policy
IHAI - E Applied Learning Projects Request Form
IHBA Individual Education Plans
IHBAA Referral / Pre-Referral Procedures
IHBAA - R Referral / Pre-Referral Procedures
IHBAC Child Find
IHBAE Parent Involvement
IHBAJ Special Education Student Oversight Agreement (2000)
IHBAK Life-Sustaining Emergency Care
IHBAL Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities
IHBEA Program for Limited English Proficient Students
IHBEA - R Westbrook LAU Plan
IHBG Home Schooling
IHBGA Home Schooling - Participation in School Program
IHBGB Special Education Services for Students in Private Schools or Home Schooling
IHBGB - E Statement of Rights for Private /Home School Students with Disabilities
IHBH Alternative Educational Programs
IHBH - R Alternative Educational Plans  (Formerly IHBH Alt. Ed Programs)
IHCDA Post-Secondary Options / Current Enrollment
IHD Adult / Community Education
IHD - R1 Adult Education - Enrollment of Secondary School Students
IIB Student - Teacher Ratios (Formerly Class Size)
IIE Master Schedule (Formerly Student Schedules and Course Loads)
IIJ Tutorial Programs for Students
IJJ Instruction and Library Materials
IJJ - E Reconsideration of Library Materials
IJK Supplemental Instructional Materials
IJND Westbrook School Department Web Site
IJND - R Web Site Guidelines
IJNDB  Student Computer and Internet Use
IJNDB - R Student Computer and Internet Use Rules
IJNDBA Westbrook School Department ML TI Laptop policy - Students
IJNDBA - E1 Westbrook School Department ML TI Laptop policy – Student Receipt of Laptop
IJNDBB Student E-mail Accounts
IJNDBB - E Student E-mail Acceptable Use
IJOA Field Trips and Enrichment Trips
IJOA - E Permission Form
IJOA - R Field Trip, Enrichment Trip and Competition Trip - Administrative Procedure
IJOAA Non-School Sponsored Travel
IJOAB Foreign Travel
IJOC School Volunteers      
IJOC - E1 Volunteer Agreement Form
IJOC - E2 School Volunteers Authority to Release Information
IJOC - R School Volunteers - Administrative Procedure   
IKB Homework
IKB - R Homework Administrative Procedure
IKE Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students
IKF Graduation Requirement 
IKFA Early Graduation
IKFB Graduation Exercises / Participation
IKFBA Graduation Location
IKFC High School Credits for Pre-High School
IKFD Awarding of High School Diplomas to Veterans of WWII and the Korean Conflict
IL Evaluation of the Instructional Program
ILA Student Assessment / Local Assessment System
ILD Educational Research:  Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations
IMB Teaching About Controversial / Sensitive Issues
IMB - E Objection to Curriculum Topic or Material
IMB - R Controversial Issues Administrative Procedure
IMBAA Dissection
IMBAA - E Dissection Alternative Participation Form
IMBAA - R Dissection Policy - Administrative Procedure
IMBB Exemptions from Required Curriculum
IMDA Patriotic Exercises
IMDB Flag Displays
IMG Animals in Schools