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E Policies - Support Services

 EB  Environmental and Safety Program
 EBAA  Chemical Hazards
 EBAA - R  Chemical Hazards Administrative Procedure 
 EBBB  Accident Reports
 EBBB - E  Individual Accident Report
 EBBB - R  Accident Report - Administrative Procedure
 EBCA  Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
 EBCB  Fire Drills
 EBCB - E  Record of Conducted Fire Drills
 EBCC  Bomb Threats
 EBCC - E  Parental Notification of Safety Measures
 EBCC - R  Bomb Threat Procedures
 EBCE  Emergency Closing
 EBCE - R  Emergency Closing - Administrative Procedure
 EBCF  Automated External Defibrillators (AED's)
 EBCF - R  Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) Policy Guidelines
 ECA  Energy Conservation / Management in Schools 
 ECA - E  Maine School Energy Savers
 ECABA  Identification Cards for Students
 ECABB  Identification Cards for Staff    
 ECB  Pest Management
 ECB - E1  Pest Management Notification / Registry
 ECB - E2  Notice of Planned Pesticide Application
 EDE  Waste Management and Recycling
 EEA  Student Transportation Services
 EEA - E  Student Transportation form
 EEAEA  Student Transportation Employee Requirements, Training and Responsibilities
 EEAEAA  Drug and Alcohol Testing of Bus Drivers
 EEAEAA - R  Drug and Alcohol Testing of Bus Drivers - Administrative Procedure 
 EEAEF  Video Camera Use on School Vehicles
 EEAEF - R  Video Camera Use on School Vehicles-Administrative Procedure
 EEAEFA  Video Surveillance on School Property
 EEAEFA - R  Video Surveillance on School Property-Administrative Procedure
 EEAF  Use of School Buses
 EEBA  School-Owned Vehicles
 EEBB  Use of Private Vehicles on School Business
 EEBB - E  Personal Vehicle Use Checklist
 EEBB - R  Use of Private / Commercial Vehicles on School Business - Administrative Procedure
 EEBC  Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
 EEBC - E1  Transportation by Parent Release Form
 EEBC - E2  Private Auto Travel Permission Form
 EEBC - E3  Transportation Release Form
 EF  Food Services
 EFBA  Menus Development Options
 EFC  Free and Reduced Price Food Services
 EFE  Competitive Food Sales
 EGAD-R  Copyright Compliance - Administrative Procedure
 EHB  School Records Retention
 EHB - R3  School Records To Be Transferred to the Next Grade Level
 EHB - L  Litigation Hold
 EHB - LR  Litigation Hold Procedures
 EHB - R  School Records Retention - Administrative Procedure
 EHB - R2  School Records Retention Schedules